Joe Schobert on the Defensive Performance Against Tampa Bay

Browns linebacker Joe Schobert talks about the teams defensive performance against the Buccaneers and on Olivier Vernon. He also talks about improving the run defense which has been a point of camp this year.

Watch his full press conference below after team drills today.

Transcript courtesy of Rob McBurnett, Senior Manager, Communications for the Cleveland Browns

LB Joe Schobert:

On the Browns defense’s performance against Tampa Bay and if that is what the team should expect this season:

“Yeah, I think if everybody is on the field, healthy, communicating and playing as disruptive as we can, that is the kind of stuff that we want to put on tape. Hopefully, that is just the sign of things to come.”

On the Browns defensive line dominating last week and that benefitting the entire defense:

“For sure. When you are a linebacker and you get back into your drop and as soon as you get to your landmark, you turn around and the quarterback is on the ground and you just job back to the huddle every play, that makes you feel better. You feel like you are in much better shape when that happens instead of chasing receivers around all play if they can’t get the quarterback down. Live, in person and right behind them, those guys can really get after it.”

On the Browns focusing on improving the run defense:

“I think just buying in into the coach’s system. It is a gap-based system so everybody just has to do their 1/11th versus the run. If you trust the guy next to you to do their job and you do your job, there is going to be nowhere for the ball carrier to go. I think everyone just buying into the way the coaches wants us to play and coaches coaching up well with us. I think is the biggest key.”

On if the Browns’ attacking defensive scheme and the front four will help allow the defense to impose their will on opponents:

“I think (former Browns and NY Jets defensive coordinator) Gregg Williams would say that his defense was attack mode, too. It is definitely just a lot more, especially with the guys we got up front, of letting them go after the quarterback, and you saw the results in the game. When you can rush four, play seven in coverage behind them and constantly getting to the quarterback, that is asking a lot for a team to stop because there are not a lot of windows for the quarterback to throw it in to. They are going to be trying to make some perfect throws, and we got ballhawks back there that can take advantage of it.”

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