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Solon Police

Solon, OH -

Offense: Theft/Drug abuse

Date: August 14, 2019

Time: 4:27 PM

Location:34310 Aurora Rd.Market District

Arrested: Gregory Mathis, 55 and HomelessCharged: Theft/Drug Abuse

Solon Police were dispatched to Solon Market District on a report of a shoplifter being detained. Arriving officers learned that a male had been observed pushing a cart out the door of the store without making any attempt to pay for the items. The detained male admitted to walking out of the store without paying for the $385.69 worth of groceries. A search prior to transport discovered a package in his pocket with a white powder residue.The male indicated that the powder was cocaine. In the brim of his hat was found a fold of paper containing a brown substance which tested positive for heroin.

Offense:OVI/BAC/Improper Lane Change

Date: August 16, 2019

Time: 1:22 AM

Location: SR 91 @ US 422

Arrested: Kayla Davis, 28 from BentleyvilleCharged: OVI/BAC/Improper Lane Change

A Solon police officer on patrol witnessed a vehicle on US 422 commit a traffic violation as it exited onto SR 91. A traffic stop was conducted with the vehicle on SR 91. While speaking with the driver the officer immediately detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle and/or driver. The driver did admit to having one drink earlier in the evening. A series of field tests were conducted with the driver which indicated the driver was impaired. She was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. A breath test was administered and showed a BAC of .105.

Offense: Burglary

Date: August 16, 2019

Time: 3:49 PM

Location: 35000 Block Timberlane Dr.

Solon Police responded to an address in the 35000 Block of Timberlane Dr. for a report of a burglary. Investigation revealed that the resident was outside doing lawn work when a vehicle pulled into his driveway and a stocky Hispanic male with a Mohawk style haircut approached him and offered to do tree service for free. The resident and the male went into the backyard to assess the tree. Meanwhile, the resident’s wife who was in the house observed another Hispanic male inside the house in one of the bedrooms. When confronted the male indicated that he was checking for leaks in the roof. The wife feeling that her husband was aware of the male inside the house escorted him to the kitchen where they sat and talked. The male, described as in his mid-sixties asked the resident for change for a $100. He would not accept anything other than $50 dollar bills. When the resident could not provide him the change he and his partner went to their truck and left. The vehicle was described as “shiny and black with a big windshield”. Nothing was reported taken from the home.

Offense: OVI/Suspended License/Reasonable Control

Date: August 17, 2019

Time: 2:55 AM

Location: 35000 block Nimrod East

Arrested: Varonica Chavis, 23 from Cleveland

Solon Police officers were dispatched to the 35000 block of Nimrod East to investigate a motor vehicle crash. Upon arrival of the first officer he discovered a vehicle in a front yard which had struck a fire hydrant. The vehicle was still running and there was female discovered in the backseat. There were bloodstains on the driver’s door and the female had facial injuries consistent with striking the steering wheel. The officer opened the rear door and immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and/or driver. The female admitted to operating the vehicle prior to the crash. She was found to be significantly impaired and had trouble standing and walking. Solon Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene. Rescue personnel were unable to properly evaluate her due to her level of intoxication and she was transported to a medical facility. After arrival at the medical facility she became combative and abusive toward the medical personnel. As the officer attempted to complete required paperwork with the driver she would only respond but flipping both middle fingers at the officer and stating “Fuck You”. When asked if she was willing to take a urine test she responded with “Fuck You” which the officer felt was a refusal.

Offense: Fleeing and Eluding

Date: August 18, 2019

Time: 3:47 PM

Location: SR 91 @ Pettibone

Charged: Jonah Vries Nlandu, 32 from Shaker Hts.

Solon police were dispatched to investigate an erratic driver on SR 91 near Pettibone Rd. The vehicle was reported to be north bound and passing vehicles on the left and weaving in and out of traffic. The vehicle was observed on SR 91 northbound in the area of the Solon middle school. As the officer was turning around to follow the vehicle, he witnessed the vehicle go completely left of center into the southbound lanes to pass traffic. The officer caught up to the vehicle when it stopped for a red light at SR 91 and Linden Ln. The officer pulled up next to the vehicle in the turn lane. The driver looked at the officer and then gave the officer a peace sign with his fingers and began waving a red hat at the officer. During this encounter the officer was able to obtain a clothing description the male was wearing as well as a watch he was wearing on his left arm. As the light cycled to green the officer attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver chose to flee instead. The pursuit went onto US 422 to I271 north and exiting at Harvard. The vehicle continued on Harvard and then north on Richmond before being terminated. Surrounding departments were provided with a description of the vehicle and license plate. A short time later it was learned that the suspect had been arrested by Cleveland Hts. police and was wearing the clothes seen by the Solon Officer along with the watch and red ball cap. The driver refused to speak with the Solon Officers and was charged.

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