Kush and Sheehy-Guiseppi Talk To The Media

Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns

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Guard Eric Kush talked to the media yesterday about various aspects of his strong start to camp, below are some of the highlights from his post practice press conference and the full video from the press conference

On the competition at RG:

“I just do what I can every day, try to improve what I can every day and focus on something one thing at a time, improve it and see what happens. That is all I can do is just have the best time of my life playing football and try to fix something every day.”

On if his NFL experience is an advantage with the competition at RG:

“It helps. It is a lot of the same stuff – pass pros, runs, this stuff, that stuff. It is a lot of the same stuff so over time you get, ‘OK, hey, I think this is going to happen, this is going to happen’ so you get settled in and calmer with stuff. You just have fun with it.”

On playing with the first team offense in consecutive days:

“It is a lot of fun. We have had some great, sunny days. You go out there, get a mean tan, play some football and play the sport you love. It had been nice to play with the same guys for a couple days in a row. You get a feel for who is going to say what at what time, what are their cue words to expect this look or that look. It is just a lot of fun to be here in Cleveland and play some good football.”

On if next week’s joint practices and a preseason game with the Colts are particularly important for the RG competition:

“Every single day is a very important day. You try to go out there and pick one thing to work on, and every single day is extremely important. You can’t say that this week is just a ‘meh’ week. ‘You can put off this week.’ You can’t do that. Every single day is very important to get better and improve your chances of being a good football player.”

The talk of the camp and the city after the first preseason game, Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi talked about the thrill of his punt return TD with the media yesterday after practice. Below are some highlights from his press conference as well as the full press conference.

WR Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi

On his punt return TD last night:

“It was surreal moment. That was a moment I had been waiting on for a long time to just get back on the field and be able to have the opportunity to return kicks again.”

On if he received a lot of messages and calls after last night’s game:

“Yeah, I have not really checked it too much but I am getting a lot of notifications right now.”

On what he will do with the cleats WR Odell Beckham Jr. gave him:

“I do not know. He says he has a pair for every uniform we have so I think I am just going to keep trying to match the ‘Odells’ with the outfits.”

On if Beckham will allow him to continue wearing his cleats and if they have the same size shoes:

“We have the same size shoe and everything. He blesses a lot of people with the shoes so he blesses everyone in the locker room. If anyone wants a pair, he gives them out.”

On if he has always returned punts or if it relatively new to him:

“The only time I did it was in JUCO. My sophomore year in junior college was the only time I returned punts.”

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