It's Time For The President To Bring His Country Together

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President Trump is going to have a long day.

The White House says the President will go first to Dayton, then to El Paso in the wake of two shootings that left 30 people dead and dozens more injured. Leadership of both cities have been extremely critical of The President's combative rhetoric before and after the shootings. Officials in Dayton have been vocal in their criticism of The President, but are at least willing to hear to Commander-In-Chief out with Mayor Nan Whaley saying she will greet the president, but plans plans to tell him "How unhelpful he's been" on the issue of guns.

The City of El Paso doesn't seem to be as open minded.

El Paso County Commissioner David Stout told reporters "There's still a gaping wound that's still open here and that a lot of us feel that his presence in the just going to be throwing salt in that wound." Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX), who took over for Presidential Candidate Beto O'Rourke representing El Paso area, and who is among the harhest critics who link Trump's rhetoric about minority communities to increased violence tweeted about President Trump's upcoming visit.

Like every mass shooting this country has experienced, both sides of the isle starting their partisan finger pointing immediately. Though he is facing more than his fair share of the criticism, he must rise above it and bring his country together.

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