It's Time For The President To Be "Unifier-In-Chief"

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In what is quickly becoming an integral part of the American experience, two communities are trying to pick up the pieces after gunfire tore through a group of people.

The cities of El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH were rocked by two separate active shooter incidents.

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo has issued a ‘local disaster declaration’ related to Saturday’s mass shooting in a local Walmart. The action speeds resources for long-term recovery from financial losses and for mental health issues the community is likely to suffer as a result of the armed assault that killed 21 and wounded 25 more.

Police in Dayton are still trying to determine a motive in the shooting rampage that left nine dead and more than 2 dozen hurt. The gunman firing a high-powered rifle killed his sister and others; police are being credited for ending the shooting rampage less than 30 seconds after it started in Dayton, Ohio.

Sadly, most Americans have become numb in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting, however the two incidents combine for a sobering one-two punch for most Americans. When the Country is left speechless after a moment like this, it is up to The President to speak for his constituents.

There have been moments in this country's history that have required a "unifier-in-chief," and if those curtial moments are handled right, it can shape a Presidency and create a legacy.

Hopefully, The President will put aside the bitter rhetoric of the campaign trail and figure out the words that will calm down a scared country. As history shows, what The President will say will not be as important as how he says it.

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