Bay Village Police Blotter: Stolen Bike, Restraining Order and Death Threat

Bay Village -

On 07/22/2019, the department discovered that a female passenger arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia at the scene of a traffic stop used a different person’s identity. Rocky River Municipal Court had issued a warrant when the arrested female failed to appear on the assigned date. When attempting to enter the warrant into the system, a dispatcher noticed discrepancies. A detective, working with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification, was able to use the fingerprints taken on the night of the arrest to identify the actual arrestee. The other female, the victim who lives in Parma, already has a Protection Order issued through the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office protecting her from the 29-year old Cleveland female who posed as her during the arrest in Bay Village. Upon this case being heard by the Grand Jury, several multiple felony charges will be sought, along with the original misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia Possession from the traffic stop.

On 07/26/2019, at 07:43 hours, a Clarewood resident came to the station to report that overnight, someone had removed a bicycle, valued at $375.00, from the bike rack on the rear of her vehicle that was parked in the driveway.

On 07/27/2019, at 20:35 hours, officers were dispatched to Speedway on the report of an unruly customer. She had apparently become irate when advised that unless she provided some form of identification to the clerk she could not purchase cigarettes. The clerk said the female began yelling and swearing at her, at one point threatening to, “blow me away”. The suspect was located walking south bound on Columbia. After some difficulty, the officers were able to identify her as a 29-year old who was wanted by New York PD, with full extradition. She is currently in the Bay Village jail awaiting pick up by NYPD.

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