Westlake Schools To Discontinue Busing

Westlake - If your child takes a bus to school is Westlake, they might have to find another way to class.

Parents from the district have told WTAM that the district sent out a letter July 16th stating the busing to eight local schools will be cancelled.

The decision was made at a special meeting, that was not well publicized, last Monday, and the affected families only received notification letters this past Thursday. The principals of the affected schools were never directly notified before nor after the letters were sent to the affected families.

Brian Burke has three kids in the school district, and told our Kyle Cornell he has no idea what to do next.

"I have no way to get them to St. Angela," said Burke. "So I don't even know where my kids are going to go to school at this point."

We have a call out to the Treasurer's office, but it has not yet been returned.

Burke says he believes things could have went down a lot differently.

"They're not being truthful. If they would have come to us and discussed this before a month before school starts, would probably could have created a win-win from this situation, and they didn't do that."

The only chance for public comment on this subject will be at the Board meeting at 6:00 p.m. Monday, July 22nd at the Parkside building. Public comment may be limited to only 15 minutes if the Board so chooses.

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