Solon Police Blotter: Felonious Assault & Attempted Unlawful Sex w/Minor

Solon Police

Offense: Felonious Assault/Assault

Date: July 9th

Time 6:23 PM

Location: Cromwell/N. Roundhead Dr.

Arrested: Tyrone Coleman 19 years of age from SolonCharged: Felonious Assault

Gary Johnson 19 years of age from SolonCharged: Assault

Solon Police were dispatched to the area of Cromwell Dr. and N. Roundhead on a report of a large fight involving a knife. Upon arrival at the scene it was discovered the suspects had fled the scene in a vehicle but were known to the victim(s). Investigation revealed that a fight had occurred earlier at a different location in the city and that the suspects came to the home of the other individuals to retrieve property. Another fight broke out at the residence where allegedly one of the suspects brandished a knife and slashed the victim. The mother of the victim attempted to break up the fight and was punched in the face by the second suspect. Both suspects were located at an apartment nearby and were arrested and transported to the Solon Correction center. The victim received 6 stitches as a result of his injury.

Offense: Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor

Date: July 10, 2019

Time: 12:13 PM

Location: 6679 SOM Ctr. Rd.

Arrested: Douglas Graham 50 years old from Brunswick Charged: Attempted Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor.

During a joint ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) one of the undercover investigators began chatting with a male about possibly meeting. The male was told via messaging that he was communicating with a 15 year old male. There were discussions about meeting up and there were discussions about engaging in sexual activity. A date, time and location were agreed upon to meet. Upon the arrival of the suspect at the pre-determined location he was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center.

Offense: Receiving Stolen Property (Motor Vehicle)

Date: July 15, 2019

Time 12:09 AM

Location: US 422 MM 15.6

Arrested: Darryl Hunt 18 years old From Cleveland Charged: RSP Motor Vehicle/Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

A Solon Police Officer stopped a vehicle on US 422 west bound for a traffic violation. A check of the registration revealed that the vehicle was entered as stolen from Bratenahl. The driver was found to be driving with a suspended driver’s license and had active warrants from Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s office. He was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. Three other passengers, two being juveniles were either released or transported home.

Offense: Disorderly Conduct by Intoxication

Date: July 16, 2019

Time 1:03 PM

Location: 34310 Aurora Rd. (Market District)

Arrested: Danial Miller 25 years old from Parma Charged: Disorderly Conduct by Intoxication/Open Container in Public.

Solon Police were dispatched to the Solon Market District on a complaint of an intoxicated male at the bar handing out money. Upon arrival of the officers, the male was located seated at the bar shirtless. The management of Market District asked that the male leave the establishment. The officers noted that the male was unsteady while walking, his speech was slurred and his eyes had a glassy and bloodshot appearance. The officers attempted to give the male a ride home but he was unable to provide an accurate address. After a period of time the male did remember his address and he was transported to that address. After dropping the male off he failed to enter the residence but went to a van in the driveway. The owner of the van was contacted who indicated that he did not want the male at his residence due to his intoxicated state. With no other options available, the male was arrested for Disorderly Conduct. While being transported he became very agitated threatening the officers with violence and derogatory comments. During transport the male would spit on the windows of the patrol vehicle and bang his head on the window. This behavior continued inside the correction center and the male had to be restrained.

Offense: Disorderly Conduct by Intoxication

Date: July 17, 2019

Time:6:33 PM

Location: 33675 Solon Rd.(Burntwood Tavern)

Arrested: Kara Quinn 51 years of age from Solon

Stephen Richards 53 years old from Chagrin Falls

Solon Police were dispatched to the Burntwood Tavern on a complaint of two highly intoxicated persons walking away from the establishment. Upon arrival of the responding units they discovered a male and female lying in the tree lawn at the intersection of Kruse Dr. and Solon Rd. Both parties were intoxicated to the point they were unable to stand or speak coherently. Both parties were given the opportunity to arrange for transportation home but were unable to. During this process the male party became irate and began shouting and cursing at the officers and refused to follow commands. He was arrested for disorderly conduct by intoxication. The female party was also too intoxicated to arrange for a ride and appeared to pass out upon standing. She also was arrested. During the transport to the station the female began kicking at the windows of the patrol vehicle and the male continued with his cursing at the officers and the corrections staff.

Offense: OVI/Prohibited BAC/Speed

Date: July 18, 2019

Time: 2:16 AM

Location: Harper Rd.

Arrested: Claude Carson 51 years old from Solon Charged: OVI/Prohibited BAC/Speed

A Solon Police officer on patrol clocked a vehicle on US 422 eastbound at 84 MPH in a posted 60 MPH zone. A traffic stop was conducted after pulling off of the highway. While conversing with the driver the officer detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the driver and or vehicle. A series of field tests along with a field breath test both indicated impairment. The driver was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center where a breath test was administered resulting in a .100 BAC.

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