Who Loves A Parade? Apparently, Not Everyone

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The Trump campaign, Republican National Committee, and people in the Trump administration will convene on The Washington Mall to celebrate American Independence on July 4th for a "Celebration of America." The event will feature music, military plane flyovers, fireworks and an address by the president. For the first time, a sitting U.S. president will address the country on the Mall on Independence Day.

However, this may not be a celebration for some. Most of The President's political rivals gone to the national media to voice their opposition on parades, at least parades President Trump organizes.

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Geraldo is talking about the historic moment that took place over the weekend when President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un at the DMZ and crossed over into North Korea. He gives his thoughts on what that moment means and the criticism the media is giving President Trump for doing that. Plus, he talks about other historic moments various former Presidents have done.

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