Westlake Police Blotter: Drunk Woman Forgets How To Drive Manual

Westlake -

On 6/22/19 at about 9pm officer were dispatched to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a reported shoplifting/credit card fraud.Officers located the suspect who in fact had over $1200 worth of merchandise with her.Although her story had inconsistencies, the male to whom the credit card belonged confirmed that she was allowed to purchase items with it.When being interviewed though, the suspect gave the officers a fake name and date of birth.When her identity was finally confirmed, it was learned that she had 2 active arrest warrants.To make matters worse for her, she had several rocks of suspected crack cocaine and a smoking pipe with her.The 32yo from Lakewood was arrested and charged with falsification, possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia as well as the warrants.

On 6/24/19 at approx. 5:30AM an officer located a disabled, damaged vehicle parked oddly on Marview Dr.Trailing behind the vehicle were several car parts including an entire wheel.The vehicle was unoccupied and appeared to have been in a minor collision where the tire was damaged.Investigation led to a residence in Bay Village where the owner lives.The owner, when contacted by the police, reported that the vehicle must have been stolen.BVPD took a stolen auto report.

On 6/28/19 at approx. 3:20PM officers responded to a report of a disabled vehicle on Crocker Rd at I90.The female operator claimed that she just did not know how to drive a stick shift and that was why she was having difficulty.The officer began to push the “disabled” vehicle out of the way of other traffic when he noticed that the female could not even control the vehicle while being pushed.The 53yo Avon Lake resident showed signs of intoxicated and was field tested.She was arrested for OVI and the vehicle was towed.On station, the driver tested over 4 times the legal limit.

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