Expect Delays in Downtown Cleveland as City Prepares for MLB All-Star Game

CLEVELAND — Drivers in parts of downtown Cleveland will experience road closures, sidewalk closures and lane conversions ahead of the 2019 MLB All-Star Game next week. Travelers should be prepared for detours.

According to the City of Cleveland, barriers have been constructed on Lakeside Avenue and St. Clair Avenue as there will be activities in Malls A, B, and C beginning next week.

Both the Lakeside Avenue and East 9th Street Willard Garage entrances will remain open to Willard Garage.

To get from E. 9th Street to Ontario Street, travelers can drive north on East 9th Street to Route 2 West and exit Route 2 at West 3rd Street.

Travelers attempting to drive between Ontario Street and East 9th Street should drive north on West 3rd Street to Route 2 East and take the East 9th Street exit north.

Lists of City Road Closures, Sidewalk Closures and Lane Conversions

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