Solon Police Blotters: Two OVI's

Solon Police

Offense: OVI/Impeding traffic

Date: June 14th

Time 1:10 AM

Location: SOM Ctr. Rd. @ US 422

Arrested: Randall Feazell, 45 from West VirginiaCharged: OVI/Impeding Traffic

A Solon police officer observed a vehicle sitting at a red light on SOM Ctr. Rd. near US 422. When the light cycled to green the vehicle did not move. The officer approached the vehicle and found the driver passed out with the vehicle running and the vehicle was in gear. Upon opening the driver’s door and placing the vehicle in park the driver starting to awaken. The driver was incoherent and unaware of where he was. The officer attempted field sobriety tests but the driver was unable to open his eyes fully and his pupils were constricted and did not respond to light. The driver was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. During the booking process two baggies of a brown powder were located in his wallet. A breath test resulted in a .000 reading. Due to the male not responding to questions and falling asleep he was taken to a medical facility for evaluation. Charges are pending the results of the testing of the powder.

Offense: OVI/Prohibited BAC/Expired License/Failure to Control

Date: June 16th

Time: 1:27 AM

Location: 5200 Block Harper Rd.

Charged: Sawana Wood, 44 from BedfordCharged: OVI/Prohibited BAC/Expired License/Failure to control

Officers were dispatched to the 5200 block of Harper Rd. to investigate a vehicle off of the road and spinning their tires. Upon arrival the officers located a vehicle off the road and occupied. The driver indicated that her windows were foggy as to the reason she went off the road. It was found that she also struck a mailbox. The officer detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage as well as noticing physical indicators of possible impairment. The driver admitted to having two drinks. Field tests did indicate impairment. The driver was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. A breath test was performed resulting in a .156 BAC.

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