Westlake Police Blotter: OVI, DOA & Catalytic Converters Stolen

Westlake Police

On 6/8/19 at approx. 2PM WPD received a 911 call from a motorist at Center Ridge and Crocker Rds reporting a hit skip crash.The victim was struck from behind and the suspect red VW fled east bound.Luckily, an observant witness obtained the license plate of the car that left the scene.Officers tracked down the 18yo driver from Grafton who later admitted he had fled.The male was cited with Failure to Maintain Assured Clear Distance, and hit-skip.

Between 6/11/19 and 6/13/19 several commercial trucks and trailers parked at businesses along Sperry Rd were broken into.On 6/11/19 1 box truck parked at Design Surfaces on Sperry had its catalytic converters stolen and 3 trailers forcibly entered.Owners are still compiling a list of construction equipment which was stolen.On 6/13/19 a landscaping company reported that one of their trailers, which had been parked at Life Storage on Sperry, had been entered.Approx. 4 thousand dollars worth of landscaping equipment was missing.The same day WPD received a report from another Sperry Rd business that had several catalytic converters and tools taken from business vans and trucks in their lot.All of the thefts appear to have happened during the overnight hours.They appear to all be connected.Investigators are following up with local scrap yards and other evidence collected in the area.

On 6/11/19 at about 1:45p officers were called to the Double Tree Hotel on Clemens for a male who told staff in the lobby he was overdosing.The male victim, who was not a guest of the hotel, was found vomiting by the officers who arrived first.They administered narcan after the male admitted to snorting heroin.The 32yo Westlake resident was conscious and breathing when transported by WFD to the hospital.No charges have been filed as the investigation continues.

Westlake OVI

OVI photo courtesy of the Westlake Police Department

On 6/11/19 at approx. 4PM, WPD received a call from OnStar reporting that there was an MVA on Clague at Cornwell.Dispatchers were concerned because a baby could be heard crying in the background.The suspect vehicle fled the scene of the crash but did not get far.Their vehicle broke down at Clague and Hilliard because of the damage caused by the collision.The male operator of the at fault vehicle appeared to be intoxicated.Another clue was an empty beer can that was found in the driver’s pocket.He was field tested and arrested for OVI.On station the male tested over the legal limit. He was charged with OVI, BAC and Assured Clear Distance. There were no injuries reported in the accident.

On 6/13/19 at about 1PM officers were called to the Hampton Inn on Detroit for a reported unresponsive female.The guest, a 47yo who was alone in the room, was deceased.There were no obvious signs of violence nor drug use located.WPD investigators worked with the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office to collect evidence.The victim was transported to the coroner’s office who was also working to notify the victim’s next of kin.

On 6/14/19 at approx. 2:45AM WPD received a call from an UBER driver who was having problems with a fare.The driver had pulled over on I90 between Columbia and Clague Rds because his intoxicated male fare had opened the car door when they were traveling on the highway and tried to exit the vehicle.When officers arrived, the driver also explained how the passenger was pulling hard on the driver’s seatbelt when they were in motion.The passenger, a 47yo from Avon, showed obvious signs of intoxication but denied yanking on the seatbelt.The male was taken into custody for disorderly conduct while intoxicated.An assault report was generated for the prosecutor to review.

On Saturday 6/8/19 at approx. 12:30PM WPD received a call from Crocker Park Security about a baby locked in an otherwise unoccupied vehicle on the ground floor of the Main Street Garage at Crocker Park.The temperatures that day were about 70-75 degrees with 50% humidity.Being that the vehicle’s windows were rolled up minus a slightly cracked sun roof, the temps in the car were much warmer. To make matters worse, there was a baggie of apparent marijuana in plain view locked inside with the baby. Luckily, a passing Crocker Park customer alerted security to the illegally parked vehicle.Although they apparently did not notice the 14 month old strapped in the back seat, they saw something out of the ordinary and alerted authorities.Our officers arrived and unlocked the vehicle to free the child and get him some fresh air.A WFD rescue squad was called as was Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services.The responsive but crying 14 month old was transported to the hospital for evaluation as no one was sure how long he had been cooped up in the car.While the officers were investigating the incident, a male returned to the vehicle with an Apple Store bag in his hand.He admitted that he had parked the vehicle and “completely forgot” his child in the back seat.The child was checked by the hospital and later released to his mother with a safety plan in place.The forgetful father, a 23yo from Cleveland, was arrested and charged with endangering children and possession of marijuana.After reviewing surveillance footage in the area, it was confirmed that the 14 month old was left alone in the vehicle for over 45 minutes.

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