The Only Reelection Effort Schumer Needs To Worry About Is His Own

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While Chuck Schumer is worrying about the President's standing in the federal government, maybe he should also have to start worrying about his own.

Several top Democrats are telling Axios on HBO that freshman Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is mulling over a run for the Senate as soon as 2022. This would mean the 29-year-old proponent of the Green New Deal would challenge the four term Senator in statewide primary. AOC isn't a stranger to taking on the Democratic establishment and winning. In 2017, Ocasio-Cortez made nationwide headlines after she took down Joe Crowley, a ten term Congressman who was the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, just to be Democratic candidate on the ballot for New York's 14th district.

Many wonder if AOC's national and local appeal will translate statewide, as the rest of New York historically isn't as progressive as her home district. However, more than a few national media voices are in favor of the idea.

Even if it isn't Ocasio-Cortez, Schumer should stop worrying about the President's reelection chances, and start worrying about his own. Many voters have started to believe that Schumer's disdain of President Trump is starting overshadow his desire to help the people of New York. While AOC's policy position can be debated, her desire to help her constituents cannot be argued.

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