Solon Police: Bowling Ball Assault-Ashley Hill & La Dantia Hill Arrested

Solon Police

Solon, OH - OVI/Prohibited BAC/Open Container: (34000 block Aurora Rd.) May 31th, 2019 at 11:30 PM. Solon Police conducted an advertised OVI checkpoint on Aurora Rd. on May 31st, 2019. During the checkpoint a vehicle was stopped in a line of traffic and the driver was stepping on the gas pedal as well as the brake pedal at the same time. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle for sobriety testing. The officer had to assist the operator of the vehicle as he was having trouble walking and maintaining his balance. Two officers aided the driver to the diversion area. The officer detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage about the person as well as physical indicators of alcohol impairment. When asked how much he had to drink, the driver responded “a couple of drinks”. Arrested was Lee Harmon, 87 years old from Twinsburg. Mr. Harmon submitted to a breath test with a reading of .153. He was released at the scene to a family member. During an inspection of his vehicle an open container of alcohol was discovered.

Drug Abuse Sched I or Sched II/Drug Abuse Marijuana/ Marked Lanes: (Harper Rd.) June 2, 2019 at 9:07 AM. A Solon Police Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a marked lanes violation. The officer observed that as the driver pulled to a stop he struck the curb. While speaking with the driver the officer could smell the odor of burnt marijuana. The driver admitted that he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day and that he did possess additional marijuana. A search of the driver discovered 5 grams of marijuana as well as a container of marijuana “dabs”. During a search of the vehicle a single dose of LSD was discovered between the driver’s seat and center console. Arrested was David Leatherwood, 27 years old from Lorain.

Assault/Open Container/Driving Under Suspension: (33185 Bainbridge Rd.) June 4th, 2019 at 9:23 PM.Solon Police Officers were dispatched to Roll house Entertainment on a complaint of an assault that had occurred at that location. While officers were responding they received an update that the suspects had departed the area. The initial arriving unit observed a vehicle quickly leaving the parking lot and stopped the vehicle. Inside the location, officer’s learned that there were groups of people bowling and that one of these groups had members who were acting inappropriately. It was reported that one of the females in the group had laid on the floor near the bowling lanes and a male in the group got behind her and simulated a sex act. Some of the witnesses to this behavior began to complain about the inappropriateness. Members of the original group (inappropriate group) began yelling and threatening the people who were complaining. One of the victims approached one of the parties in the group who she saw raise her fist to another witness and asked them to leave. At this point another female in the party approached with fists raised and the victim continued to tell them to leave and the second female, identified as Ashley Hill, 28 years old from Cleveland approached again with fists raised and this time struck the victim in the jaw causing injury to her lip. During this time another female, identified asLa Dantia Hill, 27 years old from Shaker Hts. from the group approached the second victim from behind and proceeded to punch her in the side of the head. Hill then took the victim over to a rack of bowling balls and slammed her head against the bowling balls. The group then exited the bowling alley but not before Hill picked up a trash can at the entrance and threw it. Both victims had visible injuries and victim #2 was transported to a medical facility. Ashley Hill and La Dantia Hill were both arrested and charged with assault. Inside the vehicle the suspects were in was an open container of alcohol. The driver of the vehicle, Marvin McGrady, 28 years old from Cleveland was charged with driving under suspension.

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