Cleveland City Council Gives The 'Okay' For Electric Scooters Downtown

Cleveland - The last meeting before their summer recess made headlines inside the Cleveland City Council chambers.

Council officially approved legislation to regulate publicly shared electric scooters and bicycles, ensuring the safety of riders and pedestrians. New rules and regulations require vendors of bikes and scooters to get city permits and pay fees are yet to be determined.

Safety regulations include already existing bicycle regulations and additional requirements, including:

·No riding on streets with a speed limit over 35 mph, unless in a dedicated bike lane.

·No operating e-scooters over 12 miles per hour

·No operating by anyone under 18 years of age

·No operating after dark

·No riding on sidewalks in business districts

“This is about the way we get around in our city,” said Councilman Kerry McCormack. “It gives more options for people to get out of their cars.”

This move made after then teen Scott McHugh, who was under the influence, struck and killed 21-year-old Jenasia Summers in August of 2018 at the intersection of East 9th street and St. Clair while she was riding a bird scooter, which had since been banned until the council meeting Monday night.

McHugh pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter and driving while under the influence in March. He was sentenced to eight years in prison, and the judge also suspended his driver's license for the rest of his life.

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