Solon Police Blotter: Drugs, Alcohol, Fraud And Deception

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Carrying Concealed Weapon/Drug Abuse: (Melbury & Aurora Rd.) May 24th, 2019 at 6:49 PM. A Solon police officer on patrol detected an odor of burning marijuana north of the RTA bus stop on Melbury Ave. The officer then located two males walking from behind the building at that location. When questioned the males denied have any marijuana. Further questioning revealed that they did not possess any marijuana because they had just smoked it. One male surrendered a partially burnt joint to the officer. During a subsequent search of the male a gun was located under his clothing. The gun had a round in the chamber and a loaded magazine in his pocket. Arrested was Trevon Daniels, 20 years old from East Cleveland.

Assault: (Melbury Ave.) May 24th, 2019 at 11:33 PM. Solon Police Officers were dispatched to Melbury Ave. to investigate a report of an assault. The caller indicated that the victim was on the ground and that the suspect had run away. Upon arrival the officers located the victim who showed injuries consistent with being assaulted. Solon Rescue responded and the victim refused treatment. The victim indicated that the suspect had approached him and punched him in the face. The victim refused to file a complaint. The caller/witness told the officers that she had seen the two men walking south on Melbury Ave. when the suspect began punching the victim knocking him to the ground. The suspect got on top of the victim and continued punching him until he fled west on Aurora Rd. The suspect could not be located.

OVI/Open Container/License Plate Violation/Warrants: (US 422.) May 25th, 2019 at 3:07 AM.A Solon Police Officer on patrol conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation. While speaking with the driver the officer detected a moderate odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver displayed bloodshot eyes and appeared lethargic. A back seat passenger appeared to be intoxicated and was identified by his PA driver’s license. A check was performed on the operator which indicated that he had a warrant from another city. The operator was removed from the vehicle and moved to the rear of the vehicle. At this time the officer could smell the moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the operator. When asked if he had been drinking his response was “earlier in the evening.” While identifying the passengers of the vehicle it was discovered that the front seat passenger had a warrant from Solon for failing to appear in court. After removing her from the vehicle open containers of alcohol were discovered inside the passenger compartment. The operator of the vehicle was asked if he would perform field sobriety test and refused to answer the question only repeating that he just wants to pay his bond. Steven Bond, 38 years old from Garfield Hts. was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. At the correction Center he was offered a breath test which he refused.

Failure to Comply with Order of Police Officer/Resisting an Officer/Driving Under Suspension: (Richmond Rd.) May 25th 8:21 AM.A Solon Police Officer on patrol conducted a registration check on a vehicle and discovered that the plates had expired in 2018 and the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Richmond Rd. near Hawthorn Pkwy. When the operator was advised that his plates were expired he expressed to the officer that he felt that he did not need to re-new the plates. After confirming that his driver’s license was under the operator was asked to step from the vehicle to which he refused. After more conversation and requests to exit the vehicle the operator put the vehicle in gear and drove away at a slow speed. The vehicle continued into Bedford Hts. at a slow speed and following all traffic laws. The vehicle then pulled into his driveway but still refused to exit the car. The officer deployed pepper spray through an open window attempting to get him to exit the car. After the pepper spray was deployed the operator moved to the passenger seat and the officers broke the driver’s side window and unlocked the door and removed the operator from the vehicle. Bedford Hts. rescue responded to the scene but the operator refused treatment. Andre Frizzell, 39 years old from Bedford Hts. was arrested and transported to the Solon Correction Center. At the correction center Mr. Frizzell was offered water to flush his eyes but refused the treatment. Family members came to the police station and provided court documents which may explain his behavior. He was released to his family.

Disorderly Conduct by Intoxication: (Woodbury Ave.) May 26th, 2019 10:41 PM. Solon Police Officers were dispatched to an address to investigate a complaint of an intoxicated male insisting that he be allowed to drive a vehicle. Responding officer learned that family members had taken the keys away from another family member due to his intoxicated condition. The male was found standing in the street and yelling at his family members. The individual appeared to be highly intoxicated. The male had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about him and his eyes were bloodshot. The officers offered to arrange for a ride to his home which he refused. The male was advised to calm down due to being in a public place to which he stated “what are you going to do arrest me?” After more offers to arrange for a ride and continuing to refuse all offers, Colin Pryor, 25 years old from University Hts. was arrested and transport to the Solon Detention center.

Fraud: (6075 Cochran Rd. Wraptite) May 25, 2019 8:15 PM. Solon Police took a report at the station on a complaint of fraud. The complainant stated that on May 24, 2019 an employee in the finance department of the business received an email from an individual posing as the president of the company. In the email the person was asking questions as to how some financial matters are handled. Soon after the employee received another email including an invoice. The employee was asked to pay the invoice. The employee asked if she should follow proper procedure when paying an invoice but she was instructed to pay the full amount on the invoice. The employee then sent the wire transfer. Shortly after sending the wire transfer she was contacted again and asked to make another payment. Feeling this was unusual the employee checked the email account and learned that it was not the company president. The Solon Detective Bureau is investigation the case.

Impersonating a Peace Officer/Possession of Tobacco/Possess Facsimile Firearm: (Solon Community Park) May 28, 2019 5:55 PM.Solon Police were dispatched to the Solon Community Park near the basketball courts on a complaint of 6 juveniles pointing guns at each other and one of the juveniles was wearing a police shirt. Upon arrival of the responding units, the group of juveniles were discovered standing outside of a vehicle. One of the juveniles was wearing a ballistic vest carrier with the words “Police” on the front and the back. The same juvenile stated that he had a BB gun in his pocket which could be seen protruding from his pocket. When questioned, the juveniles stated they were making a video for a class project. The topic of the video was a police officer performing a traffic stop and being accused as being a racist and then shooting the driver. The juveniles were released to adults at the scene. One of the juveniles was found to be in possession of electronic cigarettes.

Theft by Deception: (6940 Longview Dr.)May 29th 2019 3:20 PM.Solon Police took a report of theft by deception. Victim reported that she received a call from a male identifying himself as “Bob White” from the Social Security Administration.“Bob White” informed her that she has a warrant issued from El Paso police department and would be arrested if she did not comply. The victim was told to purchase $900.00 in Google Play Gift Cards and provide him with the serial numbers. The victim did buy the cards and did provide the numbers from the gift cards. Case assigned to the Solon Detective Bureau.

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