Impeachment Hearings Could Be The Best Thing For Trump's Reelection

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It seems that any Democrat who has access to a camera has been talking about the impeachment of President Trump.

Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives have grown increasingly frustrated after striking on their accusations of Russian Collusion, and now that President Trump's administration is refusing play ball with Congressional investigations, that frustration has evolved into outright anger.

What the left doesn't realize is that the angrier they get, the more they are playing into the President's hand. Anyone who has played poker knows playing against someone who's "on tilt" makes for an easy win. When a card player is "on tilt," their frustration and anger block out any common sense and logic. Normally, the player ends up playing over aggressively and loses.

The President is looking across the card table at an opponent who is becoming more unhinged by the day. The angrier and more unbridaled the Dems get, the more of a chance one of them will make a critical mistake. Like any card shark, President Trump is waiting for that mistake.

He may not have to wait long, as House Dems continue to push for impeachment hearings, despite not having the bipartisan support and little physical evidence. The only thing worse than holding these hearings would be holding the these hearing and losing. A political loss like that will help the Trump Campaign more than any speech the President could give or any bill Trump could sign in to law.

However, it seems like the Democrats have reached the point of no return.

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