Westlake Police Blotter: Stolen Car, Drugs, Prostitution & Hit Skip

Westlake Police

WESTLAKE, OH - On 4/27/19 at approx. 1:15PM an officer stopped a vehicle on the Crocker Rd overpass over I90 for equipment and moving violations.The vehicle pulled over until the officer exited his cruiser and began to approach.It then took off and committed several traffic violations when fleeing onto I90W/B.The WPD officer pursued for approx. 2 minutes before the chase was called off for safety reasons.The vehicle, which belonged to an Elyria resident was soon reported stolen to Elyria PD.It had been taken from an apartment complex in Elyria.Follow up is continuing to identify the driver.

On 4/29/19 at about 11am WPD checked on a report of a pedestrian walking on I90 near Crocker.Officers located the described male who was walking back to Cleveland.Unfortunately for him he had an entered warrant out of Parma PD for a Dangerous Drug charge.He was arrested for the warrant and transferred to Parma.The 31yo from Cleveland was warned for walking on the highway and for a marijuana pipe which was confiscated from him.

On 4/29/19 WPD arrested Michael Agresta on several warrants for theft by deception after Brunswick PD make contact with him on a separate matter.Agresta was known toapproach business clerks/owners in Westlake to attempt to get them to “Loan” him small amounts of money using ruses.Back in February of 2018, the suspect had entered an open business on Canterbury and indicated to the owner that he was also the owner of a local business who had accidently locked himself out of his establishment.He needed cash to pay a locksmith and would then return with the money.He never came back.On 4/12/19 he entered an open business on Center Ridge Rd and indicated to the owner that he was another local business owner who needed $40 to pay a locksmith to unlock his son’s vehicle.The victim loaned the money but of course the suspect never came back.On 4/27 a worker at a Center Ridge business reported that the same suspect had entered and again said he was locked out of his local building.The owner loaned Agresta $60 to help him out.The suspect never returned with the cash.Agresta has been seen by Rocky River Municipal Court and is being held on $7500 bond.

On 4/30/19 at approx. 7pm a Center Ridge Rd business reported that they suspected that one of their employees was stealing gift cards from the business.It was believed that over $1500 in value was taken.Officers assisted while management spoke with the employee who admitted the theft.The 25yo female from Lorain was arrested for felony theft.

WPD arrested 3 persons suspected to be involved in prostitution in 2 separate incidents during the week.On 5/1/19 at 0730 AM., investigators learned that a female was advertising services online at the Red Roof Inn on Clemens Rd.The room was identified and the female was stopped in a vehicle leaving the area with a female passenger.Both admitted to soliciting for prostitution and were arrested.The driver was a 30 yo female from Cleveland while the passenger was 31 years old female from the same city.Both were also charged with drug possession for suspected ecstasy located in the vehicle.

On 5/2/19 at approx. 0730AM investigators learned that a female was advertising services online at the Super 8 Motel on Sperry Rd.Officers again responded to the advertisement and arrested the female as she walked from the room.The 24yo from Cleveland was charged with soliciting for prostitution.

On 5/2/19 at approx. 4:15P WPD received a frantic 911 call from the foreman of a tree trimming crew working on Hollywood indicating that one of his workers cut his arm very badly with a chain saw.1st aid was started by the co-workers of the tree trimmer who had injured himself when up in a tree.When WPD officers arrived, they applied a tourniquet to the limb which was bleeding heavily and treated the victim for shock.Westlake Fire took over medical treatment upon their arrival and transported the 30yo to the hospital.OSHA was notified of the work related incident.

Photo courtesy of the Westlake Police Department / hit skip

On 5/2/19 at about 11PM WPD was notified by Avon PD of a hit skip which had occurred on I90 W/B in the area of Crocker Rd.Avon PD was out with one of the vehicles at Nagle Rd while Sheffield PD had already stopped the hit skip vehicle after it fled the scene with front end damage.The driver of the vehicle which had left the scene explained that he fled because he was scared.He did not stay around to find out that the other driver was actually injured.The hit-skip driver, a 46yo from Sheffield Village, showed signs of intoxication and admitted he had been drinking before striking the other vehicle.He was field tested and arrested for OVI and hit skip.Back at the WPD jail he tested over 2 times the legal limit.The other driver was treated at the emergency department and released.

On 5/3/19 at approx. 10:22AM a business on Center Ridge Rd reported vandalism to their metal entry doors.The paint was damaged with scratches.A report was generated.

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