Dump Truck Gets Stuck Under I-77 Pedestrian Bridge

Cleveland - A dump truck hit a pedestrian bridge at Chard Avenue and E. 49th Street, causing the truck to get stuck around 7:40 Tuesday morning.

There were no injuries, and crews were able to pull the driver out.

It’s unclear if the structural integrity of the bridge is compromised, and ODOT is looking into if people can begin walking across it again.

"I've seen cars roll over before, even one truck hit the bridge and keep going, but never this", says Ken, who lives across the street from where the truck got stuck. "The whole house shook, I though it was the company next to us moving something big and they dropped it, but it was the truck getting stuck."

The right two lanes of I-77 north and southbound between Fleet and Pershing avenues were closed for hours until the truck was removed, which happened just after 10 a.m.

Photos by: Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

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