Court Offering Jurors Free RTA Passes

Cleveland - Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court jurors who choose to use public transportation are now being provided with free RTA passes.

“We appreciate the service of our jurors and the sacrifices they make, and we understand that not everyone has easy access to a vehicle,” says Court Administrator Greg Popovich. “We hope this makes the jury process a bit easier for our citizens who choose to use the RTA bus and rapid train system.”

If a person uses public transportation to arrive on their first day of jury duty, they can request a complimentary one-way pass to return home. If a juror is scheduled to return to Court the next day, they may request an all-day pass.

“Anyone who has visited the Justice Center knows that parking can be a challenge,” says Administrative and Presiding Judge John J. Russo. “Our citizens understand how important jury duty is, and we encourage them to take advantage of Cuyahoga County’s extensive public transportation system.”

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