Ohio's Ranking for Tax Burden as Tax Day Approaches

Courtesy WalletHub

(CLEVELAND) April 15th approaches, the day Uncle Sam once again takes his cut of the past year’s earnings. And it could feel like Ohioan pay are overburdened with taxes but we're not even in the top ten, according to a new study by WalletHub, which released its 2019 Tax Burden by State report.

"Tax burden" differs from "tax rate" since tax burden measures the proportion of total personal income that residents pay toward state and local taxes. And it isn’t uniform across the U.S., either. WalletHub compared the 50 states across the three tax types of state tax burdens — property taxes, individual income taxes and sales and excise taxes — as a share of total personal income in the state.

Ohio ranked number 12 in the study, with New York, Hawaii, Maine,Vermont, and Minnesota topping the list as the most "burdened" states. States with the lowest "burden": Alaska, Delaware, Tennessee, Florida, and New Hampshire.

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