10.5 Cent Gas Tax Hike Approved for Ohio By Lawmakers

(Cleveland) - A joint committee consisting of members of the Ohio state House and Senate met Tuesday afternoon to officially approve a hike in the state's gas tax.

That jump in the gas tax will be 10.5 cents per gallon for unleaded, and 19 cents per gallon on diesel fuel.

The agreed-to amount is a compromise. Governor Mike DeWine initially asked for an increase of over 17 cents for regular gas, as a means of shoring up the ODOT budget, as well as related highway infrastructure within Ohio.

The new tax rate will begin during the summer driving season, on July 1.

With those increases, Ohio drivers should pay a total state gas tax of 38.5 cents per gallon, with diesel drivers paying a total state tax of 47 cents.

Photo: Getty Images, IHeartMedia

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