Mueller Finds No Collusion- Hell Hath No Fury Like The 4th Estate Scorned

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There was no collusion between the Trump Presidential Campaign and the Russian Government.

That statement is no longer conjecture or opinion, those are the words of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller released his findings to The Justice Department Friday, and newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr sent a summary of those findings to Congress Sunday. As it turns out, there was one thing missing from the investigation into possible Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election: Russian Collusion.

While other questions still linger, one of the major attempts to destroy the Trump Presidency has been exposed to be as legitimate as a three dollar bill. For two years, Anti-Trump reporters and news outlets have been openly asking if the Commander-In-Chief of the United States Armed Forces has been a Russian asset. Now, with significant evidence to the contrary, pundits are struggling with what to say next.

An apology would be nice.

No one is going to be holding their breath while waiting for anyone on MSNBC's or CNN's payroll to apologize, however the news networks are going to have other problems. They played a two year long poker game, only to let the entire table know that they were bluffing. In two years, they have managed to erase all of the credibility and legitimacy they have built in over three decades of reporting. In journalism, just like the rest of life, trust can take a lifetime to earn and only seconds to lose.

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