Westlake Police Blotter: Domestic Abuse, Scams and Shoplifting

Westlake Police

On 3/14/19 a citizen reported receiving a phone call purportedly from the AARP advising that he had won 4 million dollars.Of course the scam caller simply needed the citizen’s credit card information to forward the prize.Luckily, the citizen refused to be a victim and would not give up any personal information.They were not out any money.

On 3/15/19 at about 7a.m. officers responded to a report of an assault at the Super 8 Motel on Sperry Rd.A female reported that her fiancée had struck, choked and thrown her to the ground.In addition, he would not let her leave the hotel room.The male half, a 29-year-old from Avon Lake was taken into custody.The female was transported to the hospital while the male suspect was arrested and transported to the Westlake Jail.He was charged with domestic violence, unlawful restraint and carrying a prohibited weapon for a knife found in his possession.

On 3/18/19 at approx. 11:30 a.m., a business on Center Ridge Rd reported that someone had entered and stolen various items while the building was unoccupied.In all approx. $1600 in office equipment was missing.Investigators are following up with contractors who had been working on the building.

On 3/18/19 at approx. noon, officers responded to Drug Mart for a reported shoplifting.A male had entered the store and attempted to take about $100 worth of clothing items.When the store Loss Prevention officer confronted the suspect, he dropped the merchandise and fled in a black Ford Fusion.Loss Prevention recognized the male as the same person who had taken over $1000 in energy drinks earlier in the month.While WPD was taking a report, Rocky River PD initiated a pursuit with the vehicle.The pursuit was eventually called off.Investigators have identified the suspect, 40 year-old Carlos Plass from Willowick.There are currently felony warrants issued for his arrest.

On 3/20/19 at approx. 1:30PM officers responded to a report of a menacing between employees at a business on Ranney Parkway.One employee was still on scene while the other involved employee responded to WPD to tell his side of the story.Statements were collected from all the witnesses and compared with the story of the employees.The next day warrants were obtained for aggravated menacing for a 61-year-old Westlake resident who had threatened to shoot the other employee.The male was arrested on 3/21.

On 3/21/19 at about 11am a citizen came on station to report that he had received a scam call.The scammer had told the complainant that he was a Columbus PD officer and that he had the complainant’s grandson in custody.The grandson needed $8500 for bond and of course the fake grandson did not want anyone to know because he was embarrassed.The knowing Westlake resident did not fall for the scam but reported it to the police.He was not out any money.

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