Cleveland Police Sgt. Messaged 2300 Women While On Duty


(Cleveland) - A Sergeant with the Cleveland Division of Police has been suspended, after felony charges have been filed against him.

Cleveland police say that Michael Rbarczyk used department hours, and department computers, to message 2300 women he found on various social media platforms.

He also is alleged to have used law enforcement databases to obtain personal information about women, based up on their state-issued driver's licenses.

Rbarczyk is facing three felony counts of Unauthorized Use of Property. It appears that Rbarczyk wasn't just trying to set up coffee dates on company time; the Sergeant's interest in women allegedly headed down other, equally illegal avenues. Rbarczyk was indicted last month on eleven counts of misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution.

Photos: IHeartMedia, Cleveland Division of Police

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