Westlake Police Blotter: Guns and Marijuana Seized

Westlake Police Pot

Photos courtesy of the Westlake Police Department

On 3/8/19 at approx. 1:45 PM an officer stopped a vehicle on I-90 at the Lorain County line for an equipment violation.Criminal indicators were observed and the 2 occupants were questioned.The investigation revealed that the vehicle contained two baggies of suspected crack cocaine.The driver and passenger, both 29 year-old males from Lorain, were charged with felony possession of cocaine.

On 3/9/19 at about 12:30 AM officers responded to a report of a heated argument after a minor motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of the Time Warp Bar.Witnesses relayed that one of the vehicles left the scene.This was soon stopped by responding night shift officers.Just after the car pulled over, the officer could not help but notice that the driver, a male, and front seat passenger, a female, switched seats.The officer could not help but notice as the male who crawled into the driver’s seat accidently sounded the car horn with his knee while moving into place.He also had a beer in his hand which made the switcheroo more challenging.The driver would not identify himself and had trouble standing due to his apparent intoxication.Witnesses confirmed that he had been driving the car in the lot and had struck the parked vehicle.He was arrested for OVI.The female who drove out of the lot and not so sneakily ended up in the passenger seat also showed signs of intoxication.The 50 year-old from Bay Village refused roadside sobriety tests and was arrested for OVI.She took a breath test and was found to be almost 2 ½ times the legal limit.The male refused a breath test and was found to be lying about his identity.When his name was confirmed, the 43 year-old from Tennessee was charged with OVI, Driving under suspension, furnishing false information to a police officer, and open container.

On 3/9/19 at approx. 1030 AM an officer noticed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the Super 8 Motel.The Ohio license tag showed that the BMV had issued a confiscation order on the plates.Also the owner had a warrant with cautions out of Puerto Rico and had a suspended license.The car was stopped for a traffic violation when it left the lot.The owner, a 42 year-old from Cleveland, was driving.He admitted that he had 2 firearms in the vehicle but did not know his license was suspended.He and a female from the front seat were removed from the vehicle.A .40 caliber handgun and ammunition were located in the glove compartment and a shotgun with ammunition was found in the trunk.The driver, who did not have a concealed carry permit, was arrested for felony carrying a concealed weapon and driving under suspension.The passenger was released from the scene.

Westlake Shotgun
Westlake Handgun

On 3/12/19 at approx. 11 AM an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation after it left the Red Roof Inn on Clemens.The operator, a 31 year-old from Michigan, was carrying a large pocket knife and smelled of marijuana.Further investigation revealed that the vehicle contained over a pound of marijuana both raw and edibles.The male was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana, criminal tools, drug paraphernalia and carrying various weapons.

On 3/13/19 at about 1 AM an officer on patrol spotted a female walking in the center of the roadway on Center Ridge in the area of Walter.The female, who appeared highly intoxicated, indicated to the officer that she was raised in Westlake and could walk in the road if she wanted.Although she was staggering around when speaking to the officer, she claimed that she was simply taking cold medicine.The 54 year-old from Rocky River was placed into custody.At the WPD jail she became belligerent and had to by physically restrained as her jacket and boots were removed and she was placed into a cell.She was cited with Disorderly Conduct while Intoxicated.

On 3/13/19 at approx. 1 PM officers observed a vehicle enter the lot of the Red Roof Inn.The plate revealed that the vehicle was reported as stolen out of Brooklyn, OH PD.The male who was seen operating the car was located in a room at the hotel with a female.He was placed into custody without incident.The 26 year-old from Rocky River was turned over to Brooklyn PD who had identified him as the car thief.He will be charged through that agency.

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