Home Security Site Ranks Cleveland Most Burglarized City In U.S.

Cleveland - According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports statistics from 2017, Cleveland has one of the highest burglary rates in the U.S.

Home security systems are a commonly used way to prevent break-ins, but according to a new report from SafeSmartLiving.com, burglars may be able to outsmart the technology.

Cleveland ranks number one on the website's list, which takes into account data from the FBI on burglaries per 100,000 people.

Two other Ohio major cities, Cincinnati and Toledo, come in at ninth and tenth, respectively.

The website does offer a few tips for those looking to avoid the fate of getting broken into:

Top 3 Tips For Cleveland Residents To Avoid Security System Fails

  1. Get a home alarm system with anti-jamming technology.
  2. Ensure the system has a backup battery supply so the alarm still works if the wires are cut.
  3. Don't display the name of your alarm company in your yard.

For more details, including the full list of top 20 highest burglary rate cities, click here.

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