CodeRED Emergency System Launching In Cuyahoga County

PARMA – The City of Parma Fire and Police Departments, in conjunction with the Parma Regional Dispatch Center (PRDC) and Cuyahoga County are excited to launch an innovative and groundbreaking citizen notification known as CodeRED. This initiative, initiated and funded by Cuyahoga County, will provide notifications to our residents’ messages concerning emergencies, weather events, and community news on a variety of platforms and across a wide range of devices. This system will prove to be a valuable asset to residents throughout Northeast Ohio.

“Many of our residents have previously subscribed to the existing ReadyNotify system and have been able to receive emergency messages and notifications as deemed appropriate from the PRDC. These communications range from severe weather conditions to lost or missing persons throughout the community” stated Fire Chief Michael Lasky.

Though a resident may have previously registered for ReadyNotify it is imperative that the re-registering with the current system to ensure that the system has accurate contact information and to enable added functionality and features of the upgraded system, including targeted weather alerting for home, work or travel, safety alerts like Boil Alerts or other emergency notifications and community specific updates. 

To help citizens re-register, over the next few weeks notifications will be sent via ReadyNotify to all current subscribers. The notifications will contain the following language: 

  • Text: ACTION NEEDED: To continue receiving messages from the ReadyNotify system, please re-register at  For questions call: 216-443-5700. 

  • Email/ Phone Call: Cuyahoga County is in the process of upgrading the ReadyNotify System. To ensure you continue receiving notifications from the ReadyNotify system, you must RE-REGISTER at by March 15th, 2019. If you have any questions, please or call 216-443-5700.

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