KMART in Seven Hills is Robbed of Reported 100K in Jewelry

Kmart Getty Images

(Cleveland) - Flashing red lights were blended with the classic blue light recently, when police in Seven Hills were called to the Kmart location on Broadview Road.

When employees arrived in the morning to open the store for business, they noticed signs that the store had been broken into.

The unusual aspect of the case, is that the management of the Kmart claims they had just been shipped 100 thousand dollars worth of jewelry stock.

This causes most to stop and ask: Wait a minute... they have $100,000 of jewelry at Kmart?

At any rate, no one was in the store at the time of the robbery. All six jewelry cases within the store had broken glass when police arrived. Kmart is owned by Sears, Inc., which has been under tremendous financial strain in recent years, closing hundreds of stores nationwide.

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