Tremont Double Murderer, Robber, Pleas 'Guilty'

James Hill

(Cleveland) - A Cleveland man who killed two people during a home invasion last summer in the Tremont neighborhood pleaded guilty Tuesday in criminal court.

James Hill made the plea in exchange for the prosecution's promise to not pursue the death penalty in the case.

Hill and his alleged accomplice, Barbara Wolford, broke into the apartment of Cleveland State University janitor Henry Emery and his girlfriend, Rita Berish, and killed them both while also attempting to break into a safe in the victim's apartment, which was located at Scranton and Rowley in Tremont.

Wolford has not made a plea to date. She is due in court Thursday.

Cleveland Police were sent to the scene of the murders inadvertently by Emery's supervisor at Cleveland State, who became concerned when the normally reliable Emery didn't show up for work two days in a row.

Photo: Courtesy, Cleveland Division of Police

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