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(Lake County) - Willoughby Police are seeking the public's help in identifying a robber. On Sunday March 3, 2019, at approximately 3am, an unknown male broke into the Willo Food Mart located on Robinhood Drive in Willoughby.

Surveillance video captured an unknown male walking towards the Willo Food Mart and was observed pulling on the door to an adjacent business, and then continuing towards the beverage store. The male approached the beverage store and back kicked the window.

The suspect looked around to see if anyone was watching and then back kicked the window again. The male kicked the window several more times before finally smashing it. The suspect then pushed his way through and entered the closed business.

Interior surveillance cameras spotted the male searching through the business. The suspect left the store several minutes later. It is unclear at the time of the report what the suspect was searching for and what he took with him. Employees of the business did not discover the incident until several hours later.

If you know the identity of the male, please call Willoughby Police Detective Knack at 440-953-4210.

(Photo provided by Willoughby Police)

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