Don't Let Michael Cohen Lie To You, The President Is Making History

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The eyes of the world are on Michael Cohen. President Trump's former lawyer is testifying in front of the House Oversight Committee, and judging by his opening statement, most expect that he will try to embarrass and incriminate The President every chance he gets. Weather or not Cohen is telling the truth, this day will go down in history as a huge poc mark on the Trump Presidency.

Unfortunately for the people caught up in Cohen's tawdry tales, they are missing actual history being made by The Commander-In-Chief.

President Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jon-un are currently meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam to discuss trade and the Asian country's nuclear program.

However, if major media outlets are to be believed, the only story fit to print is taking place in the House Chambers.

While talks continue in Hanoi, there are a boatload of other huge international stories that could have an impact here at home. Two men both claim to the be the leader of Venezuela, all while the population of one of the world's largest oil producers is dying. Pakistan just shot down two Indian planes in one of most tense regions of the world. All the while, Great Britain is poised to leave the European Union with absolutely no plan in place.

Why don't these stories matter as much as The President's personal life?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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