Tweets And Training; The Trevor Bauer Story Written By Sports Illustrated

Cleveland - He may be the most polarizing figure currently in Cleveland Pro Sports (sorry Baker Mayfield), and now you can learn more about him.

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer has seemingly been a revolving door of story after story for the better part of three years now, and Sports Illustrated has decided to do an in-depth piece on who some consider the true ace of the Tribe's pitching staff.

The article, which is set to be released in the February 25th, 2019 edition of the magazine, goes to great lengths to talk about Bauer's childhood of Idolizing greats like Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux, his constant bullying which Bauer says has followed him into the social media landscape even into his adult years, and his now famed rigorous analytical training regimen that has drawn much praise and caused a few to scratch their heads in the process.

For a link to the full article, click here.

Photo by of Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

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