Tower City, Cleveland Muni Court Continue Valentine's Day Wedding Tradition

Cleveland - A tradition of over a decade continuing on Valentine's Day Thursday downtown at Tower City.

The Cleveland Municipal Court once again partnered with with Tower City Management to conduct official wedding ceremonies for all Cuyahoga County residents on Valentine’s Day.

"It's a blessing to be able to have this venue, It's truly special," said Justin Hicks, who tied the knot with his now wife at a ceremony inside Tower City.

Interested parties had to have their marriage license in advance, and there was a $60.00 charge for the license. Couples then had to register and pay a $20.00 certificate fee to the Cleveland Clerk of Court, located on the second floor of the Justice Center.

The deadline for registration was 12:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Photos by: Ken Robinson / WTAM 1100 / IHeartMedia 2019

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