Cat uses pierogi to predict spring

Concord - Move over, groundhogs!

Casimir the cat is predicting that spring will be early this year.

John Niedzialek of Concord says it's all in how Casimir eats his pierogi.

If he eats it slowly and patiently, get ready for an early spring!

“Don’t put away your gotchies but things are looking promising!" says Niedzalek, who served as Master of Ceremonies for Saturday's much-anticipated feline eating event.

"For those of you not familiar with the slang Slavic/Polish term pronounced “ gotchies,” it means undergarments including long underwear."

Niedzalek says Casimir has been more accurate than the famous groundhog last year:

"Many of you will recall last year when Concord Casimir refuted the varmint in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and again proved correct. We really don’t’ care what that critter in Pennsylvania says anyways. It is wrong half the time and it doesn’t even know what gotchies are even though the term is said to have Pennsylvania coal mining town roots."

Casimir has resided in Concord, after being found, an abandoned kitten, on the steps of St. Casimir's (Polish) Church in July 2012.

His chief "handler", John Niedzalek, is a weather enthusiast who's retired from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and now teaches geography and Lakeland Community College.

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Pictures courtesy of John Niedzalek. Used by permission.

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