Water Main Ruptures In Tremont Neighborhood

Tremont - H ours after a water main break in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood, crews from Cleveland Water are still cleaning up.

The break happened at West 14th Street and Clark at around 10 p.m. Wednesday. West 14th Street has reopened, while the westbound lanes of Clark Avenue at West 14th Street remain closed. Crews were able to close three large valves to reduce the leak, and pressure began to increase early Thursday.

The water department said closing the valves "dramatically reduced the leak" and would help improve water pressure for those in the affected area.

"A couple customers came Wednesday night after I came in, and then we just heard a loud boom, looked outside and then water was coming up from the street," says Hasan Ziad, who works at the Sunoco at the intersection where the water main burst.

Despite MetroHealth having low water pressure, no boil alert was issued for the surrounding area..

Cleveland Water officials also say additional smaller valves will need to be closed to fully stop the leak. That's when crews will be able to start making repairs. Several blocks were flooded after the water main break after thick ice formed..

The City of Cleveland Division of Streets was called to the scene to assist in plowing and salting to remove the ice.

Cleveland Water warned that water main breaks happen during these dangerously cold temperatures. They said they've been responding to more than a dozen breaks each day.

Photo by: Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100 / Iheartmedia 2019

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