After The Feds Take Down Stone, Mueller Could Have Answers Soon

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Friday's arrest of Roger Stone certainly made headlines, and not just because Stone joined the list of former Trump aides who have been arrested, but because of the way it was done.

With a CNN news crew in tow, as many as 29 federal agents with armored vehicles raided Stone's home just after 6 am Friday morning. Most people weren't focused on the charges, but on the theatre surrounding the arrest itself. President Trump described the arrest as "very unusual" when asked about it Friday, saying "When you have 29 people and you have armored vehicles, and you had all of the other — you know, many people know Roger, and Roger is not a person that they would have to worry about from that standpoint."

Senator Lindsey Graham, who is the chair of Senate Judiciary Committee, called for an investigation into the events leading up to the arrest itself.

Stone himself called the arrest "A raw abuse of power."

Time, and a through investigation, will tell us weather or not the FBI acted maliciously. But, it is all for nothing if Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation yields no actual proof. So far, everyone who seems to be involved were either Russian henchman or people who were just a footnote in Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign.

According to the Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker we shouldn't have to wait that long for answers.

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