Fire Rips Through Apartments At Beechwood Towers In Woodmere

Woodmere - Firefighters rescued a woman from a balcony to get her to safety when the apartment building she lived in caught fire in Woodmere Wednesday morning.

The blaze reportedly started around 4am in the 27700 block of Chagrin Boulevard at Beechmont Towers..

Several units on the 3rd and 4th floors were on fire, according to Woodmere Fire Chief Johnny Brewington.

"Were just grateful for all the surrounding communities and their help with this, along with pre-planning for dealing with fires like this in cold weather. If none of that happened, things could have been very different," said Brewington.

"Were just so thankful for all the surrounding communities that helped us out, and the pre-planning that went into battling fires in these temperatrures.If "Were just thankful for all the surrounding communtieis that helped us, and the pre-planning that went into dealing with fires during these cold temperatures. that all didn't happen, it could have been a much different story," says No one was injured in the blaze, and at least four units have been determined "un-livable".

An investigation into the fire will continue Wedensday to try and determine a cause.=

About 37 firefighters from 10 different departments helped put out the fire in Woodmere.

Photo by: Kyle Cornell / WTAM / Iheartmedia 2019

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