The War In Afghanistan Could Be Over, Are We Ready For Peace?

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After 17 long years, it looks like the War In Afghanistan may be coming to and end. After almost two decades of fighting, and three presidential administrations, The United States and the Taliban have agreed in principal to a peace deal. The news of peace in any war is always good, there are still causes for concern. While US forces and the Taliban have taken huge steps to end this war, there is one side that hasn't had a voice in these historic peace talks.

The Afghan Government.

If the Afghans don't not have a seat at the peace table, there is absolutely no way to guarantee that the Taliban, ISIS, or Al-Qaeda won't immediately turn around and attack the government and continue the two decades of violence.

Can the local government keep order? Will Afghanistan be able to keep the peace once American Forces have left?

Those are the obvious questions that must be asked. However, practically speaking, there is another slightly more fatalistic question that must be asked.

Can the United States deal with another country that will spiral out of control after the military leaves?

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