The drinks are on Geraldo!

Gerald Rivera (WTAM)

(Cleveland) - WTAM's Geraldo Rivera bought beers for furloughed federal workers at a Cleveland bar today. 

He purchased beers at the Harbor Inn, the city's oldest pub, to show the workers appreciation for what they do, and for what they have been going through. 

Employees from NASA, the FAA and Coast Guard joined him. The inn was packed during the noon time lunch hour rush, as Rivera greeted the laid off employees, shook their hands, gave hugs, posed for photos, and listened to their stories. 

Rivera footed the bill from 11:30 this morning until 2 p.m. and explained it was all part of his way of giving back, as the partial federal government shutdown entered its 34th day. 

As workers learned the shutdown was coming to an end, some were happy, others complained that the resolution took too long, and will not last long enough. 

A few wanted it to continue until a deal to build a border wall could be struck.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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Geraldo Rivera (WTAM)

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