Amherst Garage Fire Spreads, Impacts Multiple Homes

Amherst - A garage fire spread to multiple homes around 8pm Sunday evening on Cornell Avenue near Downtown Amherst. 

Amherst fire is investigating the blaze, which began in Jeff and Leslie's garage. "I was just watching tv when a hear a loud boom and then the next thing i know, Leslie is telling me the garage is on fire and we need to get out," said Jeff, talking to our Kyle Cornell Monday morning.

No people were injured in the blaze, though Leslie says the neighbor lost two cats in the flames that damaged three houses, including the back portion of theirs.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

"Our neighbors were at the door almost instantly making sure we were okay and to get us out safe," says Leslie. "Everyone was great, the fire department, police. we're just glad nobody got seriously hurt and that the house is still standing."

Crews were cleaning up the scene early Monday. This after the fire picked back up again around 530, but was put out quickly.

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