Geraldo Rivera Broadcasts Live From The Border on WTAM


Photo by Janet Macoska

President Trump is expected to visit the United States-Mexico border and Geraldo Rivera will be there and broadcast live on WTAM 1100 and 106.9 FM on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.  

A quarter of the federal government has been out of funding since December 22nd, and Congress is deadlocked over funding that Trump is demanding for a massive border wall. Trump said there's both a humanitarian and security crisis at the border.

President Trump is still calling for a wall along the southern border, making his argument Tuesday night in an address from the Oval Office.  He wants Congress to fund the wall and didn't declare a national emergency that would allowed him to circumvent lawmakers.  

Here "Geraldo in Cleveland" show by clicking this link:

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