Bay Village Police Blotter: January 8th

Bay Village - 

On 01/02/2018, at 16:03 hours, officers were dispatched to a 911 report of Domestic Violence, on Glen Park Drive, near Osborn Road. A 12-year old girl was on the phone reporting that her mother had physically assaulted her. The child had locked herself inside her bedroom and called 911. Upon arrival, an officer knocked on a side door, stating that it was the Bay Village Police. A middle-aged female, later identified as the 48-year old mother, came to the door, but instead of opening it, she set the dead bolt to lock the door and walked away. As officers continued to pound on the door, dispatch advised the mother was now attempting to strangle her daughter and a lot of screaming could be heard in the background. Officers announced loudly that they would be forcing entry if the door were not immediately opened. The mother and daughter appeared at the door, involved in a physical altercation. The 12-year old unlocked the dead bolt. The mother tried to hold the door shut as officers tried to enter. Once they were inside, she continued to resist, unsuccessfully, their efforts to take her into custody. After gathering information, officers arrested the mother for Domestic Violence. The daughter had minor injuries, not requiring medical attention. Her father arrived and she was turned over to him. The next day, during video arraignment with Rocky River Municipal Court, the mother pled not guilty to the charges. The judge also advised that her 11:30 hours OVI hearing from a separate Bay Village arrest, which was to take place shortly, would be rescheduled to another date and time.

On 01/04/2019, at 16:02 hours, a 61-year old Oak Cliff Drive resident arrived on station to report she had been scammed out of $8,500. She stated that in June 2017 she had dealings with a computer repair company called “America Geeks”, supposedly out of Glendale, California. A male with a foreign accent promised to remotely fix her Apple computer, although she could not remember what, if anything was wrong with it at that time. After they “fixed” her computer, they suggested billing could be more easily handled by allowing them to access her online banking, via her Apple computer. They withdrew an estimated $12,000 - $14,000 from her bank account, but she thinks they put back some, most of or all of the money. On 10/24/2018 “American Geeks” called back to say they were closing their business and, according to California law, had to return all of her money. To do this they would once again need to remotely access her bank account. She allowed this to happen. On 01/04/2019, her husband asked her what she knew about several lines of credit opened in her name, using their bank account. The bank was contacted and that was when the victim found out that between 10/24/2018 and 10/29/2018 $8,500.00 had been fraudulently deposited and then withdrawn from her account using the lines of credit as a source of funding.

Do not allow ANYONE to remotely access your computer system. Do NOT give anyone on the phone or on the computer any of your personal or financial information!

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