Calvin Williams responds to unsubstantiated rumors

Calvin Williams (WTAM)

(Cleveland) - Police Chief Calvin Williams is denying rumors that he was involved in a domestic violence investigation at his home. There were rumors on social media over the weekend that there was an incident at his residence.. 

Today, Williams issued a statement saying there were only service calls to his home because of the activation of a home alarm, and that were no incidents involving his family. 

In today's statement Chief Williams said: 

“While it has been my policy to never respond to rumors, it has come  to my attention that talk of a family disturbance or domestic violence  incident occurred at my home. In addition, there have been rumors of my  pending resignation. There has been no such incident at my home or  anyplace else involving myself or a member of my family. There were,  however, calls for service to my home due to activation of a private  residential alarm. I take offense to these allegations and attacks on my  character, especially in light of the fact that my family has  experienced a terrible loss as the result of a domestic violence  incident. I have no reason or intention to resign and will continue to  serve the citizens of Cleveland as Chief of Police.”

Back in 2015, the chief's brother William D. Williams died in a shooting, and his brother's girlfriend Dana Johnson was charged. 

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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