Cleveland Bishop To Sex Abuse Victims: "Sorry"

(Cleveland) – The nation’s Catholic bishops have gone to Chicago for a series of meeings to deal with the sex scandal that’s plaguing the church.  Cleveland Catholic Bishop Nelson Perez is among those who made the journey to Chicago.

Before he left, Perez wrote about the sex scandal in a story that appeared in the diocese publication, Northeast Ohio Catholic Magazine.

Perez said he is profoundly sorry for the deep pain and tremendous suffering that has been endured by so many at the hands of members of the clergy.    He says we “must be willing to do all that is necessary to create an environment within the church in which abuse by those in authority is dealt with honestly, openly, and appropriately.

The Cleveland Diocese has already published the names of priests removed from the ministry because of sexual abuse allegations.  Those names were first published in 2002 and are still available at the diocese website.

(Photo courtesy Cleveland Catholic Diocese)

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