North Olmsted oil tanker fire doused

Oil tanker fire (WTAM

(North Olmsted) - There were some tense moments at the Firestone Auto Service Center near Great Northern Mall on Friday. 

An oil tanker erupted into flames right in front of the store. 

Police Officer Manny Roman was among the first to arrive at the scene, and saw the cab of the truck completely engulfed in flames. The driver was inside the store, when he noticed sparks under the engine. 

Fire Lt. Matt O'Donnell says fortunately the oil did not ignite, if it had, there would been an disaster. There were no injuries, and no damage to store, but the blaze did create a lot of thick black smoke. 

The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical problem, but the exact cause has yet to be determined.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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Oil tanker fire (WTAM)

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