'Alianna's Alert' Bill Hits Governor's Desk

Alianna's Alert

(Cleveland) - An Ohio bill nicknamed 'Alyianna's Alert' has been approved in the Senate house in Columbus, and Thursday afternoon, reached the desk of Ohio Governor John Kasich for his signature, before it becomes law.

'Alyianna' was Alianna Defreeze, a 14-year-old Cleveland girl who went missing in January 2017, and was later found dead inside an abandoned house in the city.  

The purpose of the bill (Senate Bill 82) is to give parents and police an early warning when a child is abducted. State Senator Sandra Williams was the bill's sponsor. If and when it becomes law, it will require that administrators at Ohio schools notify parents within two hours when their children don't show up for school on a weekday morning during the school year.

Photo: Courtesy of WKYC

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