Garfield Middle School Student Arrested

Garfield Heights - A Garfield Heights 7th grade student was taken into custody Friday after he apparently brought a weapon to the middle school.

A statement from the district says the metal weapon was brought out during school hours and was sharp with multiple end points that could seriously hurt someone. 

The student, when confronted about the weapon, allegedly refused to hand it over and "aggressively resisted" an officer's attempts to confiscate it.

The student was eventually handcuffed and placed under arrest. After a parent was contacted, he was transported to the Garfield Heights Municipal Jail.

"This incident was handled to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff," Assistant Superintendent Christopher Hanke said. We would like to thank our school officer and the Garfield Heights Police for keeping our schools and community safe."

To see the districts full statement on what happened, click here.

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