Mueller Continues After Flynn and Cohen, But At What Cost?

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This has been an especially bad ten days for the 45th President of the United States. While the Trump Foundation dissolves, President Trump gears up for another huge political showdown over border security. But while these stories are huge in their own right, the Mueller Investigation hangs over Washington like a suffocating fog. 

Robert Mueller continues to move his pieces around the board, it must be asked if the Former FBI Director's investigation have a less than reputable motive?

While an unjust investigation of the President will have obvious ramifications on the country, there are other muted, but momentous consequences around the globe. With all of the time, money, and energy being spent on Robert Mueller chasing his tail, what could Washington use those resources on? The United States has enemies on all corners of the map who may find it easier to do business with other villains. 

Over the next few months, the debate over polarizing figures like Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen will rage thought out the media and the country. However, it must be remembered that Cohen and Flynn are adults, and have made mistakes of their own- independent from the President.

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